Affiliate Disclaimer
Millennial Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing / advertising company dealing with online advertising and lead generation for local businesses. Additionally, Millennial Marketing, LLC engages in Affiliate Marketing and marketing / selling "Private Label Rights" (PLR) products.

As part of their digital marketing / advertising strategies, Millennial Marketing, LLC creates sales / lead generation / membership / webinar funnels, and produces marketing / branding / advertising videos. These videos come in various formats (talking head, spokespersons, kinetic, animated explainer, 3D avatars and social media videos to name a few).

As a marketing agency, Millennial Marketing, LLC owns and operates numerous websites utilizing over 300 different domain names owned by Millennial Marketing, LLC. This Terms of Use Policy applies to "Each and Every One" of Millennial Marketing, LLC's websites / domains. 

When you visit any of Millennial Marketing, LLC's websites / web pages, you may find third-party affiliate banners or product images, most of which may have affiliate links. Should you choose to click on any of these affiliate links, Millennial Marketing, LLC will make a commission off of anything you may purchase.

Additionally, should you sign up for any of our newsletters, the subsequent emails may contain affiliate links for some products that complement the website theme and / or some services that we outsource. 

Just be aware, there are affiliate links to many products you may see or find on any of our websites / web pages, the members areas and / or inside of our emails.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, we will receive a small commission. The commission has no effect on the price you pay as the retail price is already set. We are just rewarded by the seller for advertising or promoting their product.

With that in mind, it is entirely your choice to purchase through any of these links and we take no responsibility for your decision to purchase. Understand that we may profit from your purchase.

Please note, if you are dissatisfied in any way, shape or form with any of the products purchased through our affiliate links, you must contact the seller directly as we have no association with the seller except as an affiliate.

Likewise, should you like any of our products and / or services, you may choose to sign up for our Affiliate Program. You would then be able to earn a 30% commission of any products that are purchased through your unique affiliate URL. 

As an added benefit, once you've signed up as an affiliate for any of our products, you can any or all of our other products. Plus, you can promote our affiliate program to your own customers, friends and colleagues. They will earn the 30% commission AND you will earn a 10% override off of their affiliate sales.
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Owner, Millennial Marketing, LLC
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