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Millennial Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing / advertising company dealing with online advertising and lead generation for local businesses. Additionally, Millennial Marketing, LLC engages in Affiliate Marketing and marketing / selling "Private Label Rights" (PLR) products.

As part of their digital marketing / advertising strategies, Millennial Marketing, LLC creates sales / lead generation / membership / webinar funnels, and produces marketing / branding / advertising videos. These videos come in various formats (talking head, spokespersons, kinetic, animated explainer, 3D avatars and social media videos to name a few).

As a marketing agency, Millennial Marketing, LLC owns and operates numerous websites utilizing over 300 different domain names owned by Millennial Marketing, LLC. This Terms of Use Policy applies to "Each and Every One" of Millennial Marketing, LLC's websites / domains. We have been a California Based Limited Liability Company (LLC) since 2001.

Our mission is to help your business dominate the market in your local area through online marketing, social media marketing and video marketing. We also specialize in animated videos, YouTube and Facebook Ads. 

We are experts at creating landing pages for lead generation, building sales funnels and creating email marketing campaigns. We can draft all of your sales copy and website content.

Millennial Marketing, LLC also runs and manages numerous websites in various niches. With over 20 years of online marketing experience, plus real life experience in health & nutrition, bodybuilding & fitness, self help & personal development, we have created numerous digital products and / or written PLR books/ videos on those subjects, which we sell on our web pages.

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Ron Duval, the founder and owner, began marketing online in 1999. He has written 5 books on digital marketing and does marketing consultations under the AKA: The Real Marketing Detective

Ron also teaches affiliate marketing, direct sales marketing and internet marketing. We help people looking to make more money how they can do it online. 

If you would like to discuss your current marketing situation to see how we can help your business grow, schedule a Free consultation with me using this link.

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